Garage Door Prices – How Do They Measure Up?

With garage doors, there are many factors that you need to consider before choosing which material you will use. First of all, there are many different materials available and each has pros and cons. The most common material is wood. Other materials include steel, vinyl, and aluminium. Before choosing a material for garage door installation, you must first decide what purpose your door will serve.

Popular Materials

For garage door installation in residential buildings, most people choose wood because of its aesthetic appeal and weather resistance. It is also very easy to maintain. Other doors that can be used for residential purposes include sliding and panel doors.

However, if you have a large garage door in your home, and if you want it to give a luxurious look, you should opt for an expensive wood material such as teak or mahogany. These doors are often called colonial doors, because of their colonial origins and appeal. If your door is meant to serve as an addition to your home, replacing it with a more expensive door like this can also add value to your home. This is especially true if your old door was made of vinyl or other less expensive materials.

Unfortunately, there is another downside to going for exotic hardwoods for garage door installation. Because these woods come from remote regions in Southeast Asia, the actual harvesting of these can sometimes be unethical and have an impact on the environment. 


Also, standard panel garage doors come with standard insulation. Insulation is a good choice for standard garage doors, as long as they come with standard panels that already come with insulation. This way, you save money on installation costs, but you will also save money on your electricity bill because you will be taking advantage of the benefits of insulation.

In addition, insulation can also help keep out cold air and moisture, which are two more problems typical with garage doors needing to be repaired. For this reason, you should get an insulated door as soon as possible. If your door material cannot be insulated, you should get a door that comes with insulation.


Garage door prices will vary depending on the size and the quality of the garage door you get, so you should also ask about the typical cost of installation for your particular door material. Unfortunately, because insulation makes a big difference in the cost of garage door installation, you do not want to take any chances with it. Even if you find a cheap door, if it is poorly insulated, you could pay for it over time. Contact OPS Garage Doors for more details on pricing and services.