6 Tips on How to Protect Your Home

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there were an estimated 372,400 break and enter crimes in the 12 months before the last census in 2011–12.

So while it’s easy to think that it’ll never happen to you, break and enters are an incredibly common crime. Here are six affordable ways you can help protect your family home, and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of this callous crime.


Have Deadlocks Installed

With the invention of the deadbolt in the 1960s, rates of residential burglary steadily declined in Australia. Installing deadbolts should be the first step you take to securing your home, its cheap and there’s no excuse not to do it. The two main types of deadbolts are single and double cylinder locks. A single cylinder deadbolt will set you back less than $50, and has a keyed opening on one side and a knob that can be turned by hand on the other. Whereas, a double cylinder deadbolt lock, is keyed on both sides and will cost you approximately $65.

Have Alarms Installed

Installing a home security system is another no brainer. The cost of installing a good quality security system should not prohibit you from making the investment, they are an incredibly valuable deterrent and an asset to your home.

Have Outdoor Lighting Installed

Good outdoor security lighting is another effective deterrent. Installing floodlights or spotlights, or other such outdoor lights, is inexpensive and relatively easy.

Know your Neighbours

The simple act of getting to know your neighbours, and being conspicuous around your neighbourhood, is vital. Being familiar with your neighbours creates a sense of community, which means everyone looks out for everyone else's well being. Living in a neighbourhood that fosters a sense of community allows you to leave your home, whether short term or medium term, safe in the knowledge that the community will help keep it protected while you are away.

Give Your Home that Looked in Look

Residential homes tend to be empty during the morning and early afternoon, and these are the times when most break and enters occur. If you’re out of the house during those hours, consider setting a random timer to turn the TV or radio on during those hours, or set timers on indoor lights to give your home the appearance of being occupied.

Have CCTV Installed

It may seem like an extravagant measure, but fitting a CCTV system will protect your home from crime. Systems are relatively inexpensive - and now look rather modern, compared with much uglier earlier versions of the technology. Furthermore, should your home be targeted, your CCTV will provide police with invaluable evidence.

By following these tips and installing the latest in security technology you’ll help keep your family safe and secure, and give yourself the best possible chance of protecting yourself against the common break and enter.