Who Needs Hoyts? Tips for Installing Your Own Home Theatre

With Summer gone, Autumn nearly over and the weather becoming significantly cooler as we head closer to Winter, it’s time to bunk in at home, get cozy and enjoy all that the indoors have to offer.

Like TV. It’s time to get audio visual, Adelaide!

Here are our tips for the most seamless transition from an old fashioned setup to modern, sleek technoland.

Utilise one company that specialises in Data Cabling Adelaide:

Installing a home entertainment system isn’t as difficult as it seems - as long as you let experienced, qualified electricians take care of all your data cabling needs.

By utilising one company to complete your whole Home Theatre cabling project, you can ensure that all of your power installations are correct across the board. By enlisting the help of qualified electricians, you can have peace of mind that the job has been completed safely and securely.

Install a data or phone cable for your TV:

The next generation in TV is smart. Internet capable televisions are the future and the best way to maximise this is to install a data or phone cable when having your cabling installed.

Ensure that your cabling specialists install a MATV, which will ensure that your screen is able to get free-to-air channels as well as all of the bells and whistles that a Smart TV has to offer - being able to connect to the internet from your TV not only streamlines your home office space, but you can work from the couch without feeling guilty!

Don’t forget design:

No longer should your home theatre system be clunky and awkward-looking in your house: clean, modern looking finishes are in vogue for wall mounted televisions, laying flat into walls and looking seamless in design.

Home Cabling Solutions are professionals in not only ensuring that your home theatre setup looks good, but in protecting the safety of your family, too. By securely mounting your home theatre system to the wall, you can have peace of mind that little fingers or the slightest of movements won’t let TVs to fall from their perches and cause accidents around the home.

For the best in home theatre installations and data cabling, Adelaide owned and operated Home Cabling Solutions can ensure high quality work, safety for your family and a great design aesthetic for your new system. So, bunk in for the cold weather with peace of mind and great entertainment.