Home Cabling Solutions Clicks In With The NBN Rollout

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Amidst the hooping and hollering in Canberra, the NBN rollout just keeps on rolling onwards and outwards across Adelaide. Today, more than 2,200 homes and businesses in Modbury are about to enjoy the benefits of superfast broadband.

Home Cabling Solutions and the NBN

Across metropolitan area, entire family are now going online at once, downloading the latest movies in minutes and making video phone calls.

When it comes to the NBN, Home Cabling Solutions has this advice. Start planning for your home’s cabling future, right now!

Whether the NBN coming your way is ’to-the-node’ or ’to-the-home’, the network’s new capabilities mean your household can enjoy more television, computer, online and telecommunications, throughout your home.

One look at the NBN network and you’ll be surprised to see exactly how far and wide Adelaide’s superfast broadband.

With McLaren Vale, Willunga and Seaford online down south, plus the northern corridor from Elizabeth to Evanston connected, the time’s right to click with the expert electrical contractor in Adelaide about NBN compliant cabling for your new home.

Home Cabling Solutions are specialists in IT cabling design and installation for audio-visual, voice & data as well as home security, smart home products and even solar systems. And, rest assured, our qualified and experienced technicians, like our services and products, meet national standards and regulations.