Emergency Electrician Adelaide

If you’ve experienced a power outage, or need a 24 hour electrician in Adelaide, Home Cabling Solutions can help.

At Home Cabling Solutions we offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency electrical repairs service via our 1300 hotline. With our experienced and highly qualified team of emergency electricians in Adelaide on call, you can rest assured we’ll be there when you need someone at your home to perform emergency electrical services.

Plus, we guarantee that all our emergency electricians in Adelaide are experienced when it comes to fault finding and emergency electrical services. No matter if you need a domestic or commercial electrical services in Adelaide, we will always be able to provide you with a suitable electrician to fix any electrical faults.

Please do not attempt any emergency electrical repairs yourself, as it can be an extremely dangerous for untrained personnel to attempt their own repairs. Remember, safety should always be the first priority.

The three main culprits

General loss of power - Please call SA Power Networks 131366 to check outages in your area before calling your 24 hour electrician in Adelaide. Switchboard faults, water ingress, exceeding your maximum demand and many other reasons can lead you to experience a power loss.

Lighting Faults - Lighting faults occur when the lighting is not working within the house, but the power is still operational. This generally occurs due to faulty fittings, cable faults, rodent damage, RCD failure, ceiling/exhaust faults, or moisture ingress/water damage in outdoor fittings.

Power Outlet Faults - These generally occur due to faulty appliances tripping the safety switch; overloaded circuits; cable faults; rodent damage; or moisture ingress/water damage on outdoor outlets.

If you're experiencing any of these situations, or if you need an emergency electrician in Adelaide to perform house rewiringcall us today on 1300 857 120 or submit an enquiry below.